Our facility is a 2-storey detached completely renovated corner property with its own private playground and within walking distance to many parks. Located in a quiet residential area free of traffic, pollution and noise makes it the perfect environment for children to grow in.

Central air-conditioning, central heating and central humidifier systems to insure maximum comfort at every season in every room.

Newly installed central air exchange system provides a continuous purified air filtered environment free of germs and pollution.

Always accessible filtered drinking water stations provide healthy drinking for our thirsty kids.

Latest state of the art security and fire systems in addition to multi-zone interior exterior video cameras and recorders for continuous monitoring and protection.

Security fenced private playground attached to the property specifically constructed with modern materials and designed to absorb falls and spills in order to keep our children safe.

Front entrance handicap ramp also specifically designed to make it easy for moms entering the daycare with baby carriages.

With over 50 "Energy Star" windows and skylights throughout the property our aim is to bring in the maximum amount of natural lighting into every classroom.

Large unique individual classrooms with bathrooms in every room provide maximum comfort for our children to enjoy and have fun in. The large classrooms also create an excellent learning environment.

Our open door concept welcomes you and your child to visit our facility at anytime!

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