Our children's health and well-being is very important to us. We understand that a child's development can be influenced by the foods that they eat. At Petite Academie Centrale we believe in encouraging our children to eat a healthy and balanced diet early in childhood in order to have all the right minerals and vitamins essential for child development. A child requires not just food but healthy nutrients in order for proper development and growth. Our aim is to promote natural foods and educate our children on healthy eating habits.

Our extensive menu includes a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, lots of protein and starchy foods and a healthy dose of dairy products daily ensuring the right amounts of vitamins and carbohydrates. We limit unhealthy sugars as it can lead to problems with weight gain, tooth decay and unproductive energy bursts..

Our weekly protein menus always include milk, eggs, yoghurts, real cheeses, grains, cereals, fish and lean meats. This is to insure a healthy bone growth and brain development early in childhood. We understand how fussy eater kids can be and that is why our experienced chefs always prepare a variety of different homemade and fun meals based on seasonal periods.

Our breakfast snack meals include fresh fruits, dairy products and whole grain cereals. Our chef will delight your child by preparing a menu including treats like pancakes, waffles and French toast with fruits as well as eggs and omelets.

Always fresh daily, healthy snacks are prepared homemade and with lots of love. We always make extra in case of hungrier appetites! Always on special occasions including all the children's birthdays our loving chef prepares individual birthday cakes to enjoy and celebrate with all their classmates!!

Special orders don't upset us! We understand that some children have specific needs and allergies associated with food products. We can create a special needs menu specifically designed for an individual child's needs. We encourage you to meet with our staff to discuss the various options.

Bonne Appétit!

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